dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Wanted: thought provoking ArtScience proposals!

Nice additional info about my last post on the Science Gallery in Dublin: they are also looking for proposals on the subject of Human Enhancement! Installations, smart phone apps, lab experiments, events, performances etc, all for a major exposition called HUMAN+ starting April 15 this year! Max of 7000 euro grant per proposal. The deadline is rather soon: January 31. So make sure you send them your plans on time!!

From their website:

'HUMAN+ is an interactive exhibition experience looking into the future of the human race. Will enhancement of humans become the norm? What types of enhancements will we choose? What is our genetic future? Will computer technologies continue to change the way we socialise?

HUMAN+ will explore the implications of enhancement on how we define ourselves. Could smart pills, personalised medicine, cognitive enhancement, or genetic manipulation change us into something other than human? Will converging technologies in robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology and aesthetics create a new race? We invite proposals that will create a dialogue around the scientific, artistic, social and philosophical implications of using science and technology to enhance human capabilities.

A key part of the exhibition experience will be a HUMAN+ ‘Lab-in-the-Gallery’ experience – a pioneering research-led gallery experience where real research experiments involving large-scale visitor participation are conducted through open-ended experimentation. We are seeking proposals for research experiments to be carried out in Science Gallery, in addition to engaging installations and artworks.

We will also be creating a rich programme of accompanying events and workshops, including discussions, performances, high-profile talks, plus web-focused interactions, games and any other truly collaborative ‘human-centric’ experiences'.

It sounds amazing! More info: http://www.sciencegallery.com/human_plus

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