zondag 2 januari 2011

Nano ArtScience residencies in Marseille, France!

IMERA, the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (www.imera.fr),has issued a call for proposals for art science residencies with a deadline of Jan 31 2011.

They seek residencies by either artists (all disciplines)or scientists
(all disciplines, soft and hard) who wish to engage in collaborative
art-science projects that result in joint outcomes (publications, artworks, exhibitions, patents) that address ‘the human conditions of the sciences”.

For the international year of chemistry ( http://www.chemistry2011.org/) they are particularly interested in art science projects involving chemistry and nanoscience. Current residents include nano scientist Jim Gimzewski (http://artsci.ucla.edu/?q=people/james_gimzewski),co director of the UCLA Art-Sci Lab. IMERA advisors include nano scientist Guy Lelay (http://sysweb.cinam.univ-mrs.fr/cinam/spip.php?rubrique35) and chemist Denis Bertin (http://www.lc-provence.fr/)

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