zondag 24 januari 2010

Bacterie in Berlijn

Hieronder een tip voor een wellicht interessante tentoonstelling in Berlijn (Mitte, volgens mij):

Nicole Degenhardt // Frank Schäpel
Video, Malerei
06. - 27. February 2010
Opening: 05th of February, 7 - 10 pm
Dorotheenstr. 30 (in the yard), 10117 Berlin, Germany
Fon: [+4930] 76214239
Wed-Sat 2 - 7 pm

Art and science are nowadays separated into conflicting areas within knowledge
production. Art is aligned with the improvised, intuitive and creative moment,
while natural science affirms itself through the use of mathematical methods
and the generation of instrumentally recorded images as a source for measurable
and undeniable truths.

The exhibition of Nicole Degenhardt and Frank Schäpel,ARE THERE BACTERIA IN THE ROOMS OF MONTE CARLO, questions the setting of norms and values in knowledge production and thereby troubles the conditions for objectifying rationality of scientific disciplines. To what extent is the hegemony of natural science still appropriate, in view of possible errors in empirical methodologies and of residual doubt over adequately decoding results in the given time. How does natural science deal with phenomena(such as death, the unconscious,extraterrestrial life) that elude empirical verification, while on the same time seem to transcend our imaginative abilities?Could art here accompany the natural sciences and contribute to the “creation of a contemporary, viable human consciousness” (Frank Schäpel)?

Frank Schäpel’s studies of the body and planets bring together the genuine and
productive achievements of both disciplines. Schäpel’s clinically true-to-detail
image production aesthetic requires a neutral examination that, beyond a rational
argumentation for the apparent, demands further aspects of perception, as well as
imaginary references.

In her video work, recorded in the collection of anatomical preparations at the
Berlin Medical Historical Museum,Nicole Degenhardt also questions the discrepancy
between natural science’s claim to truth construction and consistently emerging
enigmas, where familiar perception- and classification schemes stagnate and new
research methods between rationality and creativity arerequired.

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